With prolonged exposure, the corrosive effects of sports and energy drinks can be even more damaging to teeth than soft drinks, while the gooey texture of energy bars and nutritional bars allows sugar to cling to the crevasses of teeth, promoting decay.

Once sticky, sweet remnants of snacks find their way between or behind teeth, they encourage plaque, a sticky, clear coating of bacteria, to form on teeth, feeding off the sugar. This produces an acid that immediately attacks the teeth. Continued attacks can cause the tooth enamel – the thin, protective outer layer of the tooth that helps maintainits structure and shape – to break down, eventually leading to tooth decay.


Instead of relying on the “quick fix” of an energy bar or energy drink, go for more natural food and drink options. Our office is a great place to get ideas for tooth-friendly snacks and drinks that are not only as convenient as the popular ones, but much healthier too. Please ask us for suggestions!


It’s important to make the time – no matter how busy you and your children are – to have teeth checked for any initial damage, as once tooth erosion progresses, it will cost more in terms of time, money, comfort and effort, to fix.