According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, more than 34,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and over 8,000 sufferers will die of the disease. Early diagnosis is the key to long-term survival, which is why we’re pleased to introduce you to our VELscope® cancer detection system.


The VELscope® system is comprised of a hand-held tool that emits a safe blue light into the oral cavity, identifying any suspicious tissues by highlighting them in a different fluorescent light.

While we do check your mouth for signs of oral cancer every time you come in for a checkup, it is important that you recognize the early warning signs of oral cancer in-between dental visits too. Why not take a few minutes right now to examine your lips, gums, cheek lining and tongue?


What to look for:

Any sores that bleed easily or do not heal.
White or red spots in the mouth.
A lump, thickening, rough spot, crust or small eroded area anywhere

in or around your mouth, including your lips.
Numbness or pain in the face, mouth or neck.
A feeling that something is caught in your throat.
Difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw or tongue.


If you have any doubts about unusual spots or sores anywhere in your mouth, please call us for an appointment so we can examine it more closely.


Remember, early cancer detection does improve the chances of survival.