Good dental health requires your active participation. Therefore, we strongly emphasize patient education to teach you about options in dental care, procedures we perform, and ways for you to maintain your teeth and gums. We provide you with a quarterly patient newsletter which discusses current topics of interest in dental health, as well as updates of our professional activities. We also have available for you patient educational brochures on numerous dental healthcare topics. Please feel free to share our newsletter and brochures with your family and friends. We urge you to ask questions so that we can understand your concerns and work together to provide care that suits your needs and lifestyle.


On your first visit, plan to come in early to complete a medical and dental health history form, (if you haven’t already done so), which Dr. Puglisi will review with you. If you have a dental emergency, this will be treated first. Otherwise, the doctor will perform a through examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, including an oral cancer screening. If needed, radiographs will be taken. You will receive a scaling and prophylactic hygiene treatment (a cleaning). If time permits, the doctor can begin any additional dental treatment that you need. If you require extensive dental care, Dr. Puglisi will prepare a treatment plan with an estimate of fees; he will review this and discuss your treatment options at a subsequent visit.

We believe in the benefits of regular preventive care—to maintain optimal dental health and to detect and treat dental problems before they require extensive treatment. Therefore, we encourage our patients to return for periodic maintenance visits. For your convenience, we can pre-schedule your next preventive/re-care visit and send you a reminder when it is time for you to come in. At your maintenance visit, Dr. Puglisi and the hygienist will do a through clinical examination. You will receive a scaling prophylactic hygiene treatment. Your home care routine will be reviewed to be sure you are brushing and flossing properly. Please advise us of any change in your a) health and medications, b) address, e-mail or phone numbers or c) dental insurance coverage.. We will recommend when you should have your next maintenance visit; the frequency will depend upon the condition of your teeth and gums. We suggest that you make your next appointment before leaving so that you’ll be sure to set aside the time necessary to maintain your dental health.